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Month – January 2015

2015 Ford Mustang GT350R is BAD!!

Mustang fans get yourselves ready…..the GT350R is about to launch and we might even say it’s the baddest Mustang ever built….How would you like to have 500HP under your right foot in the matter of a second? Well the GT350R is equipped with a massive 500HP 5.2L V8 engine that any hardcore enthusiast can be proud to call their own. Ford has equipped the GT350R with a Torsen limited slip differential to make sure that horsepower makes it to the ground. Not only has Ford given this beast a ton of horsepower but they also have equipped the Mustang with carbon fiber wheels. Yes, you heard that right. Carbon fiber wheels. These wheels will save you 13 pounds per wheel.


Avoid Costly Bumper Damage on your 2015 Ford Mustang With Curb Alert

We have a great tip for all of you 2015 Ford Mustang owners. Ford was generous to include a front splitter on all 2015 Ford Mustang models. This beautiful front splitter can become a nightmare very quickly when pulling into a parking spot or perhaps an aggressive speed bump. We’ve seen and heard the stories from Mustang owners, how they lose or damaged their front splitter while parking. We called local dealerships and a new front splitter from Ford will set you back about $300.00. A very easy and less expensive way to avoid replacing your front splitter on a regular basis is either, don’t drive your Mustang, or simple purchase a Curb Alert bumper warning protection system. These nifty little units sell for roughly $149.00 and will warn you as you approach a curb or high area in the road.

2015 Ford Mustang Curb Alert

2015 Ford Mustang Curb Alert

The 2015 Ford Mustang Curb Alert is very easy to install and does not put a drain on your battery when the car is not on. Using a patented infrared technology, the front mounted sensor is calibrated to a warning distance of anywhere from 8-28″ (you decide with whatever you feel comfortable with). The warning alarm is hidden in the car and will give you three gentle tones when you are within a specified distance to the curb. The system gives you a short beep every time you start your car to let you know the system is active.

The Mustang Curb Alert is one of a kind and is a gadget that will save you money in the long run, preventing front end damage to any car that is low enough to be vulnerable to a Curb. Do not take a chance, get the Curb Alert to prevent curb damage.

  • Universal Mount (All Makes and Models)
  • Warns with an audible alarm before striking a curb that could damage your front bumper and/or spoiler.
  • Prevents embarrassing parking lot moments and sounds when your bumper or front spoiler hits a curb.
  • Sensor can mount in a discrete manner in the front end of most any vehicle and does not require any drilling.
  • Advanced infra-red triangulation technology and specialized software embedded for reliable operation.
  • Warning distance is adjustable from 8-28 inches. (Bumper to curb)
  • Removable when necessary with out leaving any holes as evidence.
  • Automatic power-up on vehicle ignition; never a battery drain.
  • Alert sound volume can be set to High, Low, or Mute inside vehicle.
  • Installation kit includes installation procedures, all wiring, wire ties, sensor calibration procedures, and user guide.

We found the curb alert over at the vendor www.rpidesigns.com and also www.southerncarparts.com. The Curb Alert can be purchased directly from one of these vendors, either here, or here.


2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Requires Hi-Grade Fuel

The 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost comes equipped with a turbo charged 4 cylinder motor. We all have vivid memories of the last Mustangs that came with 4 cylinders….please help us forget. This new 2015 Ford Mustang with the EcoBoost really pounds out a lot of power, numbers we find claim 310hp and 320ft lp torque. Not too shabby for a Mustang with 4 cylinders – heck those numbers are impressive.

The good news about the EcoBoost requiring hi-grade fuel is the fact that the fuel prices have dropped about 50% throughout the United States in the past six months. We hope they stay at these prices for many years to come. The EcoBoost really loses a lot of it’s power when regular 87 unleaded is pumped into it’s engine. The web forum www.mustang6g.com has posted reports of large power loses when lower grade fuel is used. We do not have exact numbers, but from what we see over at Mustang6G it would seem the users are right.

To recap, if you own a 2015 Mustang EcoBoost then you will want to make sure you pump in the expensive stuff if you want to achieve ultimate performance. If you aren’t worried about drag racing, then opt for the lower grade fuel and save money in your pocket book.

2015 Ford Mustang STO-N-SHO Removable License Plate Bracket

If you are in one of those “front plate states”….you know the states that require all of us to carry a front license plate or risk the chance of begin pulled over by the police and getting a ticket? Well if you are one of those “lucky” Mustang owners then we have some news that might just make your day. Big Mike’s Performance has developed a quick release, removable front license plate bracket. The great thing about this bracket is that you can remove it when you are at a car show or when you don’t need a front plate. When you are driving down the highway and need to have a plate then you simply snap this bracket back into place.

2015 Ford Mustang STO-N-SHO removable license plate bracket

2015 Ford Mustang STO-N-SHO removable license plate bracket

Big Mike’s Performance Parts’ STO N SHO™ is an aftermarket detachable front license plate mounting system that is designed for those cars whose appearance would be ruined by use of the factory mounting location. Stay in compliance with state law by simply STOing your front license plate when you want to SHO the beauty of your car.

Big Mike’s Performance Parts’ STO N SHO™ is a two-piece detachable mounting system consisting of a front license plate holder and a base mounting plate.

Removal and installation of the front license plate is easy

Requires only the pull of a spring loaded pull pin Remaining base plate is virtually undetectable The STO N SHOTM aftermarket detachable front license plate bracket mounting system is manufactured in the USA using quality materials and parts. The front and base plates are precision laser cut and hand burnished. Each tube and rod is machine cut and hand cleaned. Each STO N SHOTM aftermarket detachable front license plate bracket mounting system is expertly hand welded and drilled. After it’s assembled the base plate welds are ground smooth. The bracket is then anodized black. The final step in the process is to install the pull pin and test the product. While the bracket may look simple in appearance, a lot of time and work goes into making each STO N SHOTM aftermarket detachable front license plate bracket mounting system to ensure you receive a quality product.

Constructed of 5052 and 6061 aluminum Welded and anodized black Built to last and comes with a limited life time warranty Big Mike’s Performance Parts” STO N SHO™ requires small holes to be drilled on the underside of your vehicle. These holes are not visible and in no way detract from the look of your car.

Requires 2 holes All parts required for installation included, however, tools are required.

We were fortunate enough to find a few vendors that carry these. RPI Designs and Southern Car Parts. You can find them at RPI Here: http://www.rpidesigns.com/shop/item.aspx?itemid=5032 or if you prefer the vendor Southern Car Parts, they have them here: http://www.southerncarparts.com/2015-ford-mustang-sto-sho-removable-license-plate-bracket-p-6556.html

We are sure that this bracket will be quite popular with many 2015 Ford Mustang owners looking for a solution to the front plate problem.

2015 Ford Mustang is Detroit Free Press Car of the Year!

Listen up all Ford Mustang fans….Ford has done it again. The 2015 Mustang is the official car of the year over at Detroit Free Press. Fifty years after the first Mustang rolled off the line Ford has managed, once again, to put the Mustang at the top of the charts…and who can disagree? This new Ford Mustang is just an all around amazing piece of American engineering!

2015 Ford Mustang Interior

2015 Ford Mustang Interior

Ford has done a great job with the new 2015 Mustang. From the choice of engines, a small but powerful 4cyl turbo “Eco-Boost” engine, a V6 engine or the dominate 5.0L V8 that we’ve all come to love over the decades.  But Ford did more than put sweet engines in these Mustangs. Ford has managed to bring the interior to levels we’ve not seen in a Mustang before. The fit, material and craftsmanship is amazing.

2015 Ford Mustang Exterior

2015 Ford Mustang Exterior

Ford didn’t stop with the interior or the the engines. The exterior got a complete face lift and revamp. The front splitter and side skirts really make this new Mustang look so aggressive. The headlights are awesome and the new wheel choices would make any car nut excited. Congratulations Ford, you deserve the car of the year!

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