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Date – February 10, 2015

2015 Ford Mustang Now Available in China

Ford has began to export the Detroit built 2015 Ford Mustang to many overseas countries as we have mentioned previously. Well Ford has just began to ship some Pony’s to China. We found that fans in China will have to come up with nearly $130,000.00 if they want to drive a Mustang GT down the streets of Shanghai. This is partly due to the fact that Ford charges more because of all the changes they need to make for a car leaving our shores. But the Chinese government also imposes a huge tax on cars with “large engines”. This tax can run in excess of 66% of purchase price.

2015 Ford Mustang Arrives in China

2015 Ford Mustang Arrives in China

Ford is offering the Mustang in the EcoBoost, V6 and GT models. Even with the enormous price tag, Ford says sales are “exceeding” their own expectations. We believe them. Ford just released the sales numbers for January 2015……..over 112,000 Mustangs sold in January. That is an increase of nearly 20 percent from a year ago January. We expect this 6th Generation Mustang to live long and continue to produce huge sales numbers for many years to come. If the Chinese start to love this car as much as Americans….the sky is truly the limit!

2015 Ford Mustang in China

2015 Mustang in China

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