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Date – March 3, 2015

2015 Ford Mustang NoviStretch Front Bumper Mask Seen on Stangs

As we were browsing the internet today for everything Mustang, we stumbled across this great looking new product, the NoviStretch front bumper mask. The vendors claim that this mask can be installed in minutes and provides great protection to the front end of the 2015 Mustang. We read that the mask can be installed or removed in minutes, which would make it idea for a long haul car show drive, or even a late night summer cruise (don’t hold your breathe, summer isn’t even close yet!) But when summer finally comes, then this mask should protect your Pony from the harsh elements, or should we say June Bugs that seem to litter the roadways.

This mask is made from a soft, nylon like, stretch material that will not scratch paint or leave residue behind like the old bras we remember from the 1980s.



2015 Ford Mustang NoviStretch Front Bumper Mask/Bra


This 2015 Ford Mustang Stretch Mask is a great solution for those Mustang owners that do not want to drill into their brand new Pony. This mask is a very easy installation and can be removed without any permanent modifications to your car. Once installed you can quickly remove the NoviStretch mask and store it in your Mustang’s glove box. Once installed, you can put on and take off in a matter of minutes.



2015 Ford Mustang Front Bumper Mask


The mask folds up very small and will fit inside your glove box, or center console. These masks are great for protection on long road trips, or on your way to a car show.


2015 Ford Mustang NoviStretch Bumper Mask


This really looks like a great product to us. You can find this new mask at Southern Car Parts or RPI Designs. It looks like this mask will cost you a little under $150.00. Not too bad for the added protection to your new Pony.

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