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Mustang Stage 1 Blade Spoiler Made in USA

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s always been something about the rear-end of a Mustang that just brings a smile to my face. It’s wide and aggressive and just all around well designed. Well, RPI Designs, located right here in the USA, has come up with a Stage 1 Rear Blade Spoiler that just took that rear end to a whole new level.

RPI Designs Stage 1 Rear Spoiler


This sleek new spoiler mounts directly where your existing spoiler is. No spoiler? No problem! RPI sends a template with every spoiler so you know exactly where to drill the holes to easily install your new rear spoiler.

RPI Designs Stage 1 Rear Spoiler


These spoilers are sold paint-matched to your car’s body color, and even come with a money-back guarantee for quality and paint-match. These guys have been making and painting parts for Corvettes and Mustangs for over 20 years and take great pride in their work. The 5-star rating we found on their website backs them up, in our opinion!

RPI Designs Stage 1 Rear Spoiler


Do yourself a favor and go check them out. Maybe it’s time to upgrade that rear end, and what better way than with a sleek blade spoiler?

RPI Designs Stage 1 Rear Spoiler



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