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2015 Ford Mustang Sales Numbers Continue to Climb

It’s no doubt Ford has a home run with the 2015 Ford Mustang. They built, in our opinion, the best looking Pony in history….and there have been quite a few good looking Ponies in the 50+ years. Sales for the 2015 Ford Mustang in March were up over 35% from a year ago March….35%, that is not a typo! Ford popped out over 12,500 Mustangs in March 2015. That’s over 400 per day, over 16 per hour! Just to compare, the 2nd best selling “sporty” car in March was the Challenger, with just over 5,000 selling. The Camaro is really looking dated and not selling well. The Camaro is coming out in 8-9 months, which might put a little damper on the new Mustang, but the numbers are still amazing!

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